How to Fix Noisy Bed Springs

What You'll Need
Penetrating oil
Cooking oil

Noisy bed springs can disturb your sleep and prevent you from feeling completely rested in the morning. Often, the problem can be fixed quickly yourself and there's no need to invest in a new mattress or bed frame. Try some of the tips below and soon you'll be able to sleep peacefully right through the night.

Step 1 – Dismantle Bed

Sometimes, what you think is a problem with the bed springs is actually caused by another part of the bed. Remove the headboard and footboard and take the mattress off of the bed frame. Sit or lie on the bed springs and move a little to see if the bed still squeaks. If it does not, another component is actually causing the problem. Put the bed back together carefully, making sure that the headboard and footboard are attached securely. It can sometimes help to replace any metal washers with plastic ones. Take some time to check that it's not actually the floorboards that are squeaking rather than the bed. The solution may be as simple as moving the position of the bed so that it doesn't rest on that particular board.

Step 2 – Tighten Bolts

If the bed still squeaks after being dismantled, your next move is to tighten any connections holding the box springs together. If the frame is loose, it can cause the springs to move and result in an annoying noise. Some box springs have unusual connectors so make sure you use the correct tool to ensure they are as tight as possible. You may need to look under the box springs to make sure that you have tightened all of the bolts. If the bed is heavy, make sure that you have someone assist you when turning it over to protect against injury.

Step 3 – Apply Oil

The next step if the noise persists is to lubricate the springs. Turn the bed over and remove the fabric covering the springs. Often, only one spring is the source of the noise but if you can't figure out which one it is, you should lubricate them all using penetrating oil. If you don't have any penetrating oil, vegetable or cooking oil works just as effectively. In time, the springs will most likely begin to squeak again and you will have to reapply oil to stop the noise once more. The fabric covering is only an aesthetic item and it doesn't need to be replaced but you can use a new piece of muslin or another similar fabric if you wish. Use staples to hold it in place.

Step 4 – Replace Springs

If lubricating the springs doesn't fix the problem, it could be time to replace the box springs. Usually, a bed will last for around 8 years depending on the build quality and whether children have used it as a trampoline at any point. Remember that beds are as susceptible to abuse as any other household item and care should be taken to preserve their integrity at all times.