How to Fix Raised Decking

What You'll Need
Spirit level
Posts/ Frame Posts
Digging tools
Weed membrane

A raised decking on your patio can be an excellent way to separate the seating area from the other area. However, even if you have already built a deck, in order to raise it from the ground, you have to fix it firmly to the ground. Usually, a raised decking is fixed to the concrete ground with the help of post brackets. To give a better fixture, the posts of the deck can also be concreted into the ground. Here’s how you can install post to your deck and secure the deck to the ground.

Step 1 – Attach the Posts

Assuming that you already have a built deck, you will now need to secure posts to the deck in order to fix it to the ground. First, you will have to take the measurement for the posts, considering the ideal height you would want the deck to be resting at. Use some blocks and bricks to support the entire frame. Use as many blocks and bricks as you can to achieve the desired height. You can use a spirit level to check for the height. Using a pencil, mark the points where the frames have to be fixed. Position 4 X 4 inches posts along the frame at regular intervals, and mark the places where the screws would go in. Drill into the frame along with the frame posts. Now attach the posts to the frame using screws. Fasten them tight so that the frame posts do not move.

Step 2 – Prepare the Ground

Place the frame on the ground, allowing it to rest on the newly installed posts. Position it in the exact place that it has to be fixed to the ground. Mark the spots on which the posts rest with a trowel. Remove the frame and dig out holes in all the areas where you have marked the posts. Do not dig a hole more than 12 inches in width as well as depth. However, if the decking has to be raised very high, deeper holes may need to be dug. Place the frame once again into place and check whether the holes have been dug in the right place. If a particular hole does not match the position of the post, fill it up and then dig again.

Step 3 – Install Posts to the Ground

Once you are certain that the earth has been dug in the right places for the posts to be fixed, fix the post into the ground and begin to put the soil back in. If you want to put a permanent fix, pour in hardcore into the holes and allow it to stand for a few minutes. Do not put in the posts into the holes yet. You may want to weed proof the particular area by laying a membrane. To accommodate the posts, you can cut into the areas where the posts will be standing. After you have laid down the membrane, secure it and then position the deck over it, allowing the posts to slide into the holes. Position the posts properly and allow it to stand for a few hours.