How to Fix Running Water Problems in a Humidifier

What You'll Need
Replacement Parts
Servicing Manual
Soft Bristle Toothbrush

Running water problems in a humidifier can be due to several probable causes. If the device has a reservoir, the water fills to a certain level in the water tank causing the float ball to rise above to the surface and shut down the water supply. If the float is damaged or stuck, it will result in running water problems. If the device has a filter medium and the connections are loose, running water will also result. Here are ways on how to fix the issues.

Step 1 – Repairing a Faulty Float

Obtain a service manual for the specific humidifier model in need of repair and use it as a guide when doing repairs.

Unplug the device. Open the water reservoir and inspect the float. Check the rod if it is straight or bent. If it is bent, it is best to buy a replacement. If the float is stuck, detach it from the device and clean its surfaces using a soft bristle toothbrush. Calcium buildup can be causing the mechanical device to stop functioning correctly and get stuck during operation. If the buildup is too tough to remove, soak it in a vinegar solution for about 10 minutes. Vinegar solution can be made by mixing one part water and one part vinegar. Now that the buildup has loosened and softened, it is time to brush it.

Step 2 – Replacing a Faulty Float

If the float is damaged beyond repair, it is best to purchase a new one as replacement. Remove the device from the humidifier and purchase a replacement. Sometimes, only a part of the float (such as the rod) can be replaced without having to buy a whole set. However, weigh the cost of buying an individual part against a whole assembly and determine which is more economical. Usually, buying a whole set is probably best as its price is most probably comparable to an individual part.

Before installing the replacement, drain the reservoir of any water and clean the holding tank first. Install the new float according to manufacturer’s instructions. Fill the reservoir with water and plug in the device. Check if the new float works and solves the running water issue.

Step 3 – Inspect and Repair All Hoses and Tubing Connections

If the device continuously allows water to flow when the furnace blower is turned on, then check all connections for issues. Do a thorough inspection on all connections and ensure that every connection is watertight. Remove the cover to check if the filter medium is properly installed in its correct place. To be sure, remove the filter and re-install it. If the filter is damaged, purchase a replacement and install it. Lastly, check the water drain for clogs. Remove and clean any obstruction.

After repairs, make sure that all parts of the device are re-installed. Connect it to a power supply and check if the problem is solved.