How to Fix Rusted Outdoor Grill Cast Iron Burners

What You'll Need
Dishcloth/Paper towel
Bottle of coke
Fine Steel wool
Scouring powder
Vegetable oil
Dishwashing liquid
Hand gloves

Outdoor grills are essentially useful in every household. However, cast iron materials are basically hard, heavy and have brittle features which tend to break whenever they are dropped. This material is commonly used for outdoor grills particularly its burners. The setback for this type of material is that it is prone to oxidation and tends to rust when not properly seasoned. Thus, for grill burners that already rusted, the best ways to fix them is through following sets of steps to ensure and bring back its value.  

Step 1 – Get the Grill Ready for Fixing

After using your outdoor grill cast iron burners, it is necessary to let it cool completely first before proceeding to any cleaning procedures. You can let it stand for 10 to 20 minutes at most before you remove the surface rust from the grill burners. The rusty surface that is not deeper than three millimeters is quite easy to remove from your outdoor grill burners through using the different tools and materials provided.

Step 2 – Start the Initial Cleaning Process

As soon as the grill cools off, use your hand gloves to protect yourself from the rust and other taint or grease still present on the grill cast iron burner. Hold it under running water as you swish a paper towel or dishcloth around the surface particularly the indentations of the grill.

Step 3 - Scrub the Surface

It is important to use a substantial amount of salt into the burner approximately two to four table spoon. Combine this with an equal amount of your available vegetable oil. You then proceed with vigorously scrubbing the rusted area of the outdoor grill burner using a folded paper towel to scour the rusted portion of the burner. Make sure that you carefully covered all the other surfaces which are not rusted with the salt and vegetable oil mixture. Remember that different levels of rusts in your grill burner also need a different material for its removal.

For more serious types of rust spots, you paper towel may not suffice hence use a fine steel wool to scour the rusted areas. Removing the rust stains may also require other chemicals such as a bottle of Coke to soften and be easily scoured.

Step 4 - Apply Finishing Touches

After making sure that the rust stains have already been removed, proceed with the last procedure by washing the grill cast iron burner with dishwashing liquid. Thoroughly rinse the outdoor grill burner with hot water. Finally, dry the grilling material completely to avoid anymore instances of oxidation that causes your grill burners to rust.

Fixing your rusty outdoor grill iron cast burner needs more than just the usual soap and water solution you use every day. After all, it is worth all your time and effort as you enjoy a lovely sunny afternoon in barbecuing outdoors.