How to Fix Scratches in Engineered Floors

What You'll Need
Floor cleaner
Rubbing alcohol
Cotton balls
Floor repair wax (Home improvement store)
Putty knife
Soft cloths

Engineered floors are factory finished, and trying to refinish them can cause damage them. So what do you do if you get scratches on your engineered floors? Fill in the scratches instead of trying to refinish. Follow the easy steps below to effectively fill in scratches on your engineered floors.

Step 1 - Clean the Surface

First, sweep and mop with a mild floor cleaner and let the floor dry. Next, saturate cotton balls in rubbing alcohol and rub the scratches to remove any ground-in debris. Be sure to get into the scratches to be sure the repair stays in place.

Step 2 - Prepare the Wax

Prepare the wax per the manufacturer's instructions, and add the coloring to the wax to match as closely as possible to your floors color. Compare the color by your floor to be sure. Once you have the wax ready, you will be ready to apply it to the scratches.

Step 3 - Applying the Wax

Dip the putty knife into the wax and get a good glob on it. Smear the wax horizontally across the scratches to be certain it is all the way down into the scratch. Then, run the putty knife down the scratch horizontally to remove excess. Inspect the scratch to be sure it is completely filled. If not, repeat the process of smearing on the wax again to fill it.

Step 4 - Cleaning Up and Buffing

Using soft cloths, carefully wipe around the scratches to get the excess wax up. Next, use a clean cloth to buff the area where you applied the wax and smooth out the area. Buff gently, taking care not to lift the wax out of the scratches because it has not yet had a chance to set.

Step 5 - Allowing the Wax To Set Up

To be certain your wax sets well, do not walk on the area or allow pets on the area for at least 6 hours. The longer it is allowed to sit untouched, the harder the results will be.

Step 6 - Maintenance

To keep the areas that were treated with the wax repair treatment looking great, take care when sweeping the floor. Try not to brush it with the broom too vigorously. These areas are prone to gathering debris, but you can clean this off with a cloth and a dab of alcohol if you notice a buildup. You can use regular floor cleaner over the area when mopping. Also, to protect it, you can use regular floor wax over the floor to seal it.

If your scratches start to reappear, simply reapply the floor repair wax again. Once done, it usually lasts 6 months to a year before needing another application, depending on foot traffic.