How to Fix Small Frays in Wall Tapestries

What You'll Need
White glue
Fabric fray repair liquid
Large darning needle or pointed object
Small sharp scissors

Wall tapestries can become damaged from handling, cleaning and the suns rays. To protect your investment, repair small frays in the tapestry as you notice them. This is an easy project but a necessary one.

Step 1 - Prevention

Always care for you wall tapestries as you would for any fine fabric. Most tapestries aren't washable and should be dry cleaned only. After dry cleaning, always check for frayed areas. Vacuum your tapestry often with the soft dusting brush on your cleaner.

Step 2 - Fix with White Glue

Locate the frayed area on your tapestry and trim the frayed edges a tiny bit. Be careful to not cut into the good part of the tapestry. Use the darning needle or pointed object to gently push the frayed edges through the front to the back of the tapestry. You can turn the tapestry to the wrong side and pull them through the tapestry with the darning needle also.

After you have pulled the frayed parts through it is time to mix the glue. Mix white glue at a rate of 2 parts glue to 1 part water. Dip the end of your finger into it and rub it into the frayed edges so they will stick together and adhere to the back of the tapestry. Do not use too much as you don't want it to soak through to the front. Allow to dry. Repeat if all of the edges aren't caught by the glue.

Step 3 - Fix with Fray Repair Liquid

Use the same steps as with white glue repair, but use the fray repair liquid. This liquid is sold at fabric stores under many brand names.