How to Fix Spa Pumps That are Continually Draining

What You'll Need
Duct tape
Replacement Impeller

If your spa pumps drain out water rather than pass it through to the shower head nozzles, you need to perform a few quick tests on your pumps to work out the problem. Troubleshooting your spa pumps is necessary to work out the origins of the problem, and from there you can start to discover simple solutions. Making these repairs is not too difficult. Here is a guide to help.

Step 1 - Checking Spa Pumps that Drain Completely

If you find that your spa pumps are continually draining, go to the area where your spa pumps are kept and examine the ground around the pumps. If this is excessively wet your pumps are probably leaking. Run a little water through the pump and watch as it drains. You may notice that one of your connections is dripping water, or you may see that one side of the pump is leaking. Remove the connection on this side, and examine the valve inside. This valve should open and close easily. If you have trouble moving it or taking it out of the pump, you should replace it with another as soon as possible. Check your connections, and examine the tubing for leaks. Changing both of these parts should allow you to fix your spa pumps.

Step 2 - Checking Spa Pumps that Partially Drain

Take your piece of hose, and place it onto the hose bib connection on the side of your pump. Shut off the globe valve and then open up the valve near your hose bib. Water should run out of the hose. If you do not have any water coming out it suggests a problem with the voltage, and you should check your electrical connections using a voltmeter. However, most pumps will pass water into the hose. Lift up the hose to the water line of your spa. Water should stop flowing into the hose. Push water through the pump and look at the amount of water flowing through the hose. Weak flow suggests that your problem is with the impeller. Open up the pump and look at the area around the impeller. It may need cleaning, which you can do with a rag and a piece of wire. You may also find that you have to take out the plastic connection on your impeller shaft and replace it with a new version. Fixing the 'wet end' of the spa pumps, as this  part of the device is called, will help you to get the pumps working properly again.