How to Fix the Air Pump of a Saltwater Aquarium How to Fix the Air Pump of a Saltwater Aquarium

What You'll Need
Screw driver
Air pump repair kit

Air pumps allow for proper gas exchange and water circulation in the saltwater aquarium. They are also used to power the sponge filters, the under-gravel filters, protein skimmers and corner box filters. Most of the time, they exhibit disturbing vibration noises caused by their movable parts and this is how to fix them.


 Step 1: Remove the Air Pump

To establish the defects, remove the bottom part of the air pump using the screwdriver.

Step 2: Inspect the Movable Parts

The air pump has three movable parts, namely the diaphragm, the magnetic arm, and the valve block. Inspect them for the following defects:

  • Diaphragm: It will be defective if it is loosely attached to the valve block.
  • Magnetic arm: Its hitting on the sides of the case while swinging shows that it is defective.
  • Valve block: It will be defective if it is wrongly seated in its slot.

Step 3: Correct the Defects

Attach the diaphragm tightly to the valve block using the screwdriver. Fix the magnetic arm in a way that it does not hit the sides of its case and clamp the valve block firmly in its slot.

 Step 4: Reattach the Air Pump

Reattach the bottom of the air pump after fixing the above defects. Ensure that you do it firmly using the screws to curb further noise problems.

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