How To Fix Up An Old House

old house

There are several things you can do to brighten up an old house and give it a more modern appeal.

Add Fresh Paint

Apply a fresh coat of paint to cover up any blemishes on the walls and make the house more inviting and bright. Don’t be afraid to use bright, bold color in an entire room or on one wall to act as an accent. To ensure that the color really shines, prime the walls with at least one coat of white before painting.

Update Windows

Install modern window treatments to elongate and accentuate the windows in an old home. Choose long, flowing drapes for big windows to draw attention to their natural beauty and draw your gaze outside.

Cover smaller windows with simple curtains or blinds, or for a contemporary look, leave them untreated.

Renovate Floors

Replace the flooring with updated wood floors or appropriately colored carpets. New floors beautify even the oldest of homes and provide a foundation to build off of when fixing up the rest of the home. To maintain a clean look in even high-traffic areas, choose carpets in materials that will not easily stain and colors that will hide tracked-in dirt and mud.

Replace Doors and Moldings

Remove and replace worn or outdated doors in the home with timeless wooden doors. You can also replace the molding around the doors and perimeter of the rooms. Choose moldings that match the doors to give a streamlined minimalist appearance.

Install New Fixtures

Replace all of the fixtures in the home with modern fixtures. This includes faucets, light fixtures, doorknobs and drawer handles. These little details will give the home a uniform and cared-for appearance.

Metal fixtures are a great choice that won’t become outdated like their plastic or decorative counterparts. Moreover, metal does not age or scuff as easily as cheaper materials.

Treat the Outdoors

Give special attention to the outside of the house to increase its curb appeal and boost the overall attractiveness of the home. Apply a fresh coat of paint to exterior walls and trimmings.

Create a manicured lawn and accent it with some beautiful perennial plants or tasteful shrubbery. You may consider planting a rose or vegetable garden. Place decorative sculptures and colorful items around the yard to make it inviting and alluring to the eye.