How To Fix Up Patio Tables

Fixing up patio tables is a simple task that can be fun and creative. With only a few minor adjustments, you can take your worn or damaged patio table and transform it into something new and unique. Keep reading for some tips.

Sanding and Finish

A great way to fix up your patio table is to use a sander or sandpaper to smooth it down. Outdoor tables can be subject to constant wear and tear from the weather and can also be affected by frequent use. Sand it down every once in a while. Add a finish to the table to protect it from minor damage and to make it look and feel smooth.

Painting Your Table

Most patio tables are made of material that can be painted over. Repainting your patio table is a perfect way to fix it up, give it a new look, and smooth over and cover of many of the tiny faults in the table. Choose a color that complements your chairs, garden and other patio furniture.

If you are working on wood, be sure to sand the surface first to remove any rough patches. Then add a primer to help the paint adhere. Either add enough coats or ensure that the new color is dark enough to completely coat and cover the original color of the table.


A wonderful way to spruce up any patio table is to purchase a variety of tablecloths that match your chairs, patio furniture and other backyard colors. Tablecloths not only add style and personal touch to your patio décor, but have many practical uses as well.

  • A tablecloth will protect your patio table from food during meals, allowing you to easily remove stains with water and a paper towel.
  • You can change the style or pattern as often as you like. Use plastic-lined styles for family picnics or white linen cloths for romantic dinner parties.
  • They are inexpensive, so you can keep a collection on hand.

Consider investing in some clips for your tablecloths so they don’t fly off or flap around while guests are trying to eat.

New Chairs

Adding a new set of chairs around your patio table will give it a completely new look. Chairs can change the style, color combination and overall atmosphere of the table area. For more casual dining, consider folding plastic chairs that can be stored away when not in use. For fancier entertaining, invest in some wire seats with detachable cushions or wooden chairs coated with protective stain.

Tabletop Items

Bring out some candles when hosting a dinner outdoors to set the mood with warm lighting. This will add detail to your patio table while also practically lighting it.

You can also experiment with flowers in a vase. Coordinate the colors of your flowers with the color of your tablecloth and/or chairs. A floral tablecloth pattern will look great with a vase of fresh flowers. You could even coordinate the vase itself.