How to Fix Your Rock Fire Pit

What You'll Need
Pea gravel
Concrete pavers

When it comes to learning how to fix your rock fire pit it usually consists of things that you are going to have to know while you are building the rock pit. If you find yourself having issues with the pit after it has already been built, then you may end up needing to partially take it apart so that you will be able to get it built correctly. As long as your rock fire pit is built the proper way the first time you will not have to worry about having issues with it later. However, knowing the causes to what may be the problem with it will only end up helping you out later on down the road.

Step 1 – Add Pea Gravel

The first thing that may be causing you issues is the fact that you don’t have any pea gravel at the bottom of the hole that the pit is in. this is something that you will need to help keep your fire rock pit level and it will also help it to drain. If your fire rock pit is not able to drain then it may end up having trouble staying lit. About 4 inches of pea gravel will be needed in the hole that your rock fire pit is in. If the pit happens to be on a slope, then more pea gravel will be needed.

Step 2 – Add Sand

On top of the pea gravel, sand is something else that will be needed underneath your rock fire pit. This is something that you will need so that you will not need to worry about any type of fire spreading. Sometimes, the fire will get to the roots that will end up getting under your actual fire pit. This is something that could end up causing your rock fire pit to deteriorate over time because of the fires that start under them.

Step 3 - Surround with Concrete Pavers

Your fire pit is going to need to be surrounded with a couple of rows of concrete pavers. They will need to all be stacked up on top of each other. Make sure that it is a dry stack for the pavers so that it will be much easier for you to replace any of them that break or crumble. It is important that you don’t use any adhesive whenever you do this as it will only end up causing it to melt and give off toxic fumes. By simply stacking your concrete pavers around the fire pit you will not have to worry about any fires starting around the pit. This is more of a safety issue.

Step 4 - Use Only Fire Brick

By using other bricks and rocks besides fire brick, you are setting your rock pit up for cracks and holes. This is something that is going to need to be remedied by replacing any other stones or bricks that you have with fire brick.