How to Fixed a Jammed Door in a Barrister Bookcase

A barrister bookcase is an eyepiece for any room in your house, but when the doors jam open or closed, it can be a big nuisance. The cause of the jamming can be of different origins, such as bent hinges from leaning on them or warpage of the door due to moisture or wetness, and this fact will allow you to choose the correct path to take when fixing the doors.

Materials and Tools You'll Use:

  • Screwdriver
  • Small level
  • Sander
  • Router
  • Adjustable hinges
  • Wood glue

Step 1: Replace the Hinges

The first step that should be taken is to adjust the hinges, if they have a screw on them designed for such a job. If the hinges are not adjustable, then take them off the door and cabinet with a screwdriver. Place the new hinges onto the doors, and then place them into the cabinets. Use the small level to ensure that the doors are placed correctly, and then mark the holes where the new screws will be placed. Before screwing the doors down, be sure to fill the old holes with wood glue, and ensure that the doors will open and close correctly before tightening them down.

Step 2: Hang the Doors

After the proper holes have been marked, hang the doors one at a time. Once again, before tightening them all the way down, make sure that the doors close and open properly. Tighten down one screw on each hinge of the door as you go, then tighten the remaining ones down after the door is in place and works properly. If you purchased self-adjusting hinges, now is the time to adjust them so that the doors open and close as smoothly as possible. To adjust the hinges, simply loosen the adjusting screw and move the door in and out until it is placed correctly, then tighten the adjusting screw back down.

Step 3: Repair or Make New Doors

If new hinges or doors is not the problem, most barrister bookcases can be fixed with a quick changing of the runners. Runners take quite a toll along the years by gravity and the weight of the bookcase's heavy wooden doors. First, oil the runner and the roller associated with it to make sure that the runners are indeed bent out of shape and not just sticking. Take along pertinent information to your local hardware store and ask the friendly clerk to help you find a replacement runner for your bookcase. Take apart the door to your barrister bookcase. Using a Philips screwdriver, unscrew the runners. Replace with the new runners. Your barrister bookcase should work like new.

Fixing a jammed door on a barrister bookcase is an easy task that most people can accomplish, and the finished product will be something to be proud of. It is always better to complete woodworking tasks by hand because it will not only fix the problem correctly, but it also gives you something that you can be proud of, considering the fact that you accomplished the repair without having to hire a professional woodworker.