How to Flush Personal Home Air Conditioners

What You'll Need
Stiff brush
Household bleach

In order to keep home air conditioners working properly, they need to be flushed every now and again. This basically means cleaning out the system in order to keep it working properly. If you notice the home getting warm instead of cool, it is sign your system is not working properly and needs to be cleaned out.

Step 1 – Turn Off Power

It is very important when working on cleaning out any home appliance that you turn off all power. This is usually done with a switch which is near the air conditioner. You may want to go ahead and flip the breaker as well just to make sure there is no possibility of being electrocuted while working on the machine. When you are sure the power to the machine has been cut, you can remove the face of the machine

Step 2 – Expose The Evaporator

Usually the evaporator in the air conditioner is behind a film of insulation. This film is generally taped in place in order to maintain the integrity of the insulation when keeping it in place. Carefully remove the tape from the air conditioner and the insulation. You should be able to see the access plate. In order to remove the access plate, you will need to remove the screws which hold it in place.. Once removed, you can easily pull the plate directly off of the machine. Once removed, you will clearly see the evaporator, which looks like rows of fine metal plates.

Step 3 – Clean The Evaporator

In order to clean the evaporator, you will need to clean the underside where all of the air blows in to it. You should not need anything more than a stiff brush in order to remove all of the dirt. It will look like gray fur when you remove it from the vent. In order to be able to clean it easier, you can slide the evaporator out a little. Remember there are pipes attached to it and you do not want to harm then by pulling too much on the evaporator.

Step 4 – Clean Condensate Tray

In order to keep fungus from growing in the condensate tray, add in one tablespoon of bleach. This will help to prevent clogs on the weep hole. If there appears to be too much water in the tray, you may want to use a wire to help open up the weep hole from any clogs it may have. Flushing appliance is not hard if you know what you are doing. Following these instructions will help you to save a lot of money involved in HVAC repair because you will prevent future problems. For best results, flush your system at least once a year. The best time to flush the system is right before the summer starts when you will be getting the most use out of the HVAC system.