How to Pick Open a Lever Lock

unlocked door lever lock
  • 0.5-1
  • Intermediate
  • 10-20
What You'll Need
Piano wires or paper clips
Lamp or light source
What You'll Need
Piano wires or paper clips
Lamp or light source

Imagine being stuck outside your office or home because you misplaced the key to your lever lock. While ramming the door to break it down or calling an expensive locksmith to open it for you are always options, there’s a less-damaging, less-expensive method. Though lever locks have become more advanced, the guidelines for opening a lever lock yourself, with a few tools and some patience, remains the same.

Step 1 – Preparing for the Project

Some of the materials used for this project, like piano wire or paper clips, have sharp edges that can cut your skin. Take great caution while working with these materials. Also, prepare a lamp to light the workplace to refrain from straining your eyes, or use a cellphone's light for last resort. If you can't get into your room or house because your key has broken in the lock, you will need to remove the key before continuing.

Step 2 – Understanding How a Lever Lock Functions

A lever lock generally consists of a lever attached to a deadbolt in such a way that neither can move without the latch being raised. Because of this, it’s possible to pick a lock with some wire shaped into a hook and some patience.

Step 3 – Shaping the Wires

Shape two wires into different shapes. You can use piano wires or paper clips.

Shaping The First Wire

Shape the tip of one into a hook by using some pliers. When you have shaped the first wire, put it aside in a safe location and move on to bending the other one.

Shaping The Second Wire

The second wire will be the main wire that you will use to raise the dead bolt. For this purpose, the second wire needs to longer, thicker, and easier to grip. Shape the end of this wire into an “S” shape as best as you can.

Step 4 – Picking the Lever Lock

Illuminate your area for the quickest results, and begin picking the lever lock.

Inserting the First Wire

Insert the first, shorter wire into the keyhole and move it around till you hear it secure on to the lever. When this is done, pull upward on the wire to raise the latch. This will take patience.

Inserting the Second Wire

Then, insert the second wire until it snugly fits into the keyhole, and rotate it in a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction, depending on the orientation of the door. You will hear the dead bolt move, and the door handle will be unlocked.

If you're rough with the lock and it breaks, you can try repairing the lock yourself before calling a professional to fix it.