How to Fortify an Egress Window against Break-Ins

An egress window may be partially hidden from view and most people assume that they are safe. But they are not anymore safe than the rest and they may even be more of a danger since they are underground. So here are some basic and simple tips to fortify your egress window.

Lag Screws

Lag screws are in inexpensive option that allows to you keep the window securely locked into place. The way they work is that you will have the 2 holes drilled into the sash of the window half way and insert the lag screw. Using a key that came with them, you tighten the screws in place. You can also drill 2 more holes above the window, so you can lock the window half way open.

Key Lock Lever

A key locked lever is a lever that replaces the original latch that was on the window. It uses a key to "lock" the lever, so it cannot be opened without unlocking it first. They are installed on the window sash and are affordable. However, you will need to keep the key in a safe location so you do not lose it. Other than that, it should work for people who want extra security for their windows.

Bolt Key Lock

This type of lock uses a bolt and key to help secure the egress windows. These work well with all windows and are installed on the sash as well. Again they use a key, so be sure to put the key in a safe location. It should also be noted that if you want to "lock" it while being open, you will need to install additional brackets on the sash to be able to do so.

Single Window Bar

One nice thing about window bars are that you can buy one or make one. If you want to buy one, you may have to order it online. Or you can use a piece of wood and wedge it in the window channel. Of course with this type, it can only be used on closed windows. This type is also ideal for sliding doors and windows.

Hinged Window Bars

Hinge or swing window bars are a great option for egress windows. They can be removed easily and put back on. So if you had to remove them in a case of an emergency exit, you could do it quickly. Of course for extra security you can add a key lock lever or another type of lock like that.

Sliding Window Lock

A sliding window lock is a hand lock that can be lock and unlocked quickly. It usually attached to the window sash and work by sliding it to one side to lock and sliding it back to unlock the window. They are low-priced and durable enough for a lot of use.

Deadbolt and Pin Locks

When most people think of deadbolts and pin locks, they think of doors. However, they can work just as well for windows as they do for doors. Either can be connected to the sash and then slide the bolt or pin into the window channel. Both can be bought online and are not visible to people outside.