How to Frame a Ceiling Soffit How to Frame a Ceiling Soffit

What You'll Need
2 x 4 s
2 x 2s
Plywood sheets
Sheetrock tape
Sheetrock mud
Sheetrock corner bead material
Sheetrock knife
Stud finder
Carpentry pencil
4 foot level
Chop saw
Screw gun

The framing that needs to be installed when building a ceiling soffit is the most technical, and complicated, part of this project, but any homeowner that has some time and basic carpentry knowledge can easily accomplish it.

Step 1: Mark the Ceiling Joists

Begin by finding the ceiling joists. They are normally 12 inches apart, but it is a good idea to use a stud finder to be accurate. Draw a line all the way around the room, making sure that the lines form a uniform pattern.

Step 2: Install the Cleats

Cut some 2 x 2‘s and attach them to the lines that run perpendicular to the walls using 3 inch screws. With these two hung, you measure the distance between them and cut the next 2 x 2 pieces. Secure them into place with screws as before.

Step 3: Hang the Ledgers

Make a line 8 inches down from the ceiling all the way around the walls. Screw 2 x 4‘s into place, making sure to line up the bottom of the board with the lines that you made.

This is all there is too framing in a ceiling soffit. Whether you are planning to build soffits throughout a room, or just along a side or two, the steps are the same except for only completing them on the walls where you want them.

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