How to Frame a Furnace Duct Part 1

furnace duct
What You'll Need
2x4-inch pieces of lumber
Metal nails
Marker or pen
Tape measure

The majority of homes have a furnace duct that is positioned out of sight; however, you can conceal it even better by simply adding a frame. In addition to hiding it, framing around a furnace duct makes the heating system much more efficient. Once the frame has been attached to the duct, the smooth surface in your basement will make your house more attractive. Follow the detailed instructions to begin building a furnace duct.

Step 1 - Safety and Precautionary Instructions

Wear rubber gloves and safety goggles to protect your skin and eyes. Carefully read through the instruction manual that came with your drill and saw to ensure that you use them correctly.

Step 2 - Fasten Frame to Sides of Duct

Construct the frames for the ducts using 2x4-inch pieces of lumber. Fasten pieces of this lumber onto the sides of the ducts near the floor joists with metal nails and a hammer.

Step 3 - Build Frame for Duct

Use a yardstick to measure the distance from the end of the attached 2x4-inch boards to the bottom of the duct. Then subtract 1.25-inches to get the dimensions of the vertical boards you will need.

Assess the number of 2x4-inch boards required for the entire length of the duct. Since the width of one plank is around 16-inches, measure and mark lines with a pen or marker every 16-inches. The number of 16-inch marks shall indicate the number of 2x4 boards you need. Cut out the exact dimensions of the lumber using either a drill or a saw.

Step 4 - Fasten Frame to Duct

Fasten the frame onto the ducts above the floor joists with the help of a number of nails and a hammer. Attach the planks where you have marked, and hang them vertically from the floor joists.
Once the vertical planks have been attached, fasten a 2x4-horizontally toward the end part of the vertical planks next to the floor joists. As you work, make sure that the planks are level to each other and that the planks have been tightly attached to the duct. Your furnace ducts will now be fully protected by a frame that will also improve the efficiency of your heating system.