How to Frame a Garden Gazebo How to Frame a Garden Gazebo

A garden gazebo is a pavilion situated in gardens, and parks. They are generally attached to a garden wall or roofed at times as well to provide shelter, shade and a place to rest for individuals. Some of the gazebos are quite huge also in a garden, which ends up serving the purpose of sheltering in the rains. It also proves to be the best place to enjoy the quiet summer season surrounded by some flowers and vines, listening to the summer rain beat on the roof of the gazebo, while you stay comfortable and dry underneath it. It is not that difficult to build a garden gazebo. All you need to do is to purchase a few basic tools from the hardware shop and you will be able to put it together in a weekend.

Tools Required for Building a Garden Gazebo

  • Materials – Wood, Iron or Vinyl
  • Screening if required
  • Gazebo Building Kit
  • Screwdriver
  • Innovative Designs
  • Other Decorative Materials for e.g. Lights

Step 1: Locating the Area

You need to first locate the area of your garden and decide where to place the gazebo. The amount of space will obviously depend on the size of the gazebo you would like to build and place the gazebo in such a place where you could enjoy a good view. Also, make sure that you situate your gazebo in such a way that it is safe and where you can have the best visual impact, and most importantly don’t forget to check the notice of any code regulations and rules that might be necessary to construct a stable structure in your area.

Step 2: Deciding the Materials That Would be Used

The second step would be to decide the materials which will be required in building the garden gazebo. Mostly, these gazebos are built of wood but these days the gazebos can also be built of iron, vinyl or some other materials as well. Most of these garden gazebos are built of solid roofs and also screens which proves to be very popular in places where mosquitoes are present.

Step 3: Purchasing the Kit

Once the location is decided and the materials are ready, you then need to order a kit which might cost about $3,000 to $40,000, depending on the size and materials of the gazebo. Most of these kits can be assembled in 1 or 2 days.

Step 4: Designing the Gazebo

These garden gazebos vary in a number of different designs. You can build your own design if you are confident enough. You could also find free plans on the Internet or pay for any of these plans which might seem unique to you. Or another idea would be that you create your own design and build it from the scratch to create your own gazebo, but it might be some hard work.

There you go. You are now ready to invite you friends and have a building party. You can also hire someone such as a good carpenter to do the job for you or help you in accomplishing this task. Therefore, a garden gazebo proves to be a wonderful structure, built in eight sides usually and ready to match any garden style. In order to decorate your gazebo, you can also light it up to make it glow and draw paths to it from anywhere and utilize it for multiple purposes such as parties, dinners, general entertainment, play area, or as a quiet corner for reading, relaxing, performing yoga or meditating.


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