How to Frame a House

When you frame a house you are laying out the skeleton form of the house, including the walls, ceilings, and roof. Properly framing a house will require additional assistance and is a labor-intensive task. Careful attention to detail and measurements is also important to ensure that the framing structure is strong and well constructed.

Understand the Building Code

Before undertaking a house-framing task, be sure that you thoroughly understand the building code for your area and apply for all necessary permits. The local building inspector must sign off on the framing work before any other construction can take place, including electrical, ductwork, plumbing, or drywalling. Failing to understand the nuances of your local building code will cause delays, potential fines, or a stop-work order, which will cost you money.

Obtain Resources on Framing

Many books and online resources are available to assist you with your framing project. Look for resources that include step-by-step instructions and photos that demonstrate the progress you should be making at each step. Your local home improvement center is another valuable resource and may even hold classes on framing. If you have never framed a house before, it is highly recommended that you attend a class.