How to Frame a Pocket Door How to Frame a Pocket Door

What You'll Need
Pocket door frame
Door handle
Nails and hammer
Screws and screwdriver

A pocket door is an interesting type of door which opens and closes by sliding on a set of rails. Unlike other sliding doors however this door is designed to slide inside a pocket which is built into the wall. This is great for areas short on space as a pocket door can be opened and completely moved out of the way. This makes it possible for a small opening to become a fully functional and useful door.

Installing a pocket door frame is actually very easy. With the right tools and pieces of equipment available you will be able to install a pocket door frame with relative ease.

Step 1 - Header

The first step is to nail the header into the frame and make sure that it's fully square with the edge of the door. This needs to be as accurate and level as possible because any mistakes could prevent the door from opening and closing properly.

Step 2 - Positioning the Pocket Door Frame

The pocket door frame now needs to be positioned into the rough opening. If this doesn't fit in the opening then you will need to do some extra work on the opening. Use wood shims under and around the frame to ensure that the tracks run perfectly level and that the door jambs are vertical. The track must be level otherwise it will be difficult to open and close the door, it will also mean that the door won't stay in the same place.

Normally everything that you need will be included with the pocket door frame kits, however you will need to purchase a door handle and various other accessories extra.

Step 3 - Drywall

Drywall now needs to be installed over the door frame and the brackets should then be removed. All four edges of the door must be sealed to prevent the door from warping and becoming damaged.

Step 4 - Hanger

The hanger plates should be positioned on top of the door and positioned 2 inches from the door edges. Use the clips provided to hold everything together.

Step 5 - Positioning the Doors

Position the doors by lifting them into the sliding track. The doors will fit easily onto the tracks and should slide freely. Ensure that the doors are positioned properly so that they are level and fit into the tracks properly.

Step 6 - Testing

Now you just need to test that the doors open and close properly. Some minor adjustments may be required so that the doors work as they should do. If any adjustments are required then you may need to take the doors off the tracks in order to adjust and change them.

Once you're happy simply fit the door handles on the door and check that everything works as it should do. If everything opens and closes normally then you won't need to worry about making any changes.

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