How to Frame a Slanted Shed Roof

What You'll Need
Tape Measure

If you want to make a slanted shed roof, then you will need to frame the roof properly, so that it is completely supported. One method of achieving the slant in your roof is to have one of the walls higher than the other. However, you can also frame the roof so that one side of the frame is bigger than the other sides, giving the slant. The angle of the slant in the latter is much narrower than in the other, but if you just want a slant to prevent water from resting on the roof, then this can be an easier and gentler option.

Step 1 - Measure the Shed

The first step is to measure the shed and work out the lengths of wood that you need to cover the surface. Remember that the roof will be slightly slanted, so you will need to make it slightly larger than a flat shed roof would need to be. You should make a note of these measurements, as they will be vital when you come to construct the shed roof.

Step 2 - Cut the Frame

Take your wood, and cut out four lengths. Two should be equal to the two longest sizes of your shed, and the other two should be slightly longer than the widths of your shed. Take one of these pieces, and add half of a length of wood to the bottom, making it taller. Nail this addition onto the wood. Cut two wedges, and add these to the widths, so that you have one larger length, and two wedge-shapes. Nail these together so that the larger edge of each wedge is connected to the taller of the two pieces of wood. This should give you a slight pitch to your roof.

Step 3 - Add the Rafters

Take some more lengths of wood, and place these between the two longer sides of the frame. Nail these into position so that the frame resembles the kind of pallet you see used on trucks, so a length of wood, half an inch space, and then another length should be sufficient. Support these pieces of wood by placing  more strips of wood from between the widths. Of these strips, the one nearer the enlarged length should have an additional piece of wood, so that when you place the frame upon the ground, all of the lower pieces of wood touch the floor.

Step 4 - Put on the Shed

You may need some help to lift the frame of the shed roof onto the shed. Once it has been lifted into position, nail the edge of the wood into place. You will need some longer nails to drive through the enlarged sides. Add a nail between each of the rafters, so that your shed roof is sufficiently secure. Once this has been done, you are now ready to add the top of the roof.