How to Frame an Overhang

What You'll Need
Wooden Ledger
Joist Hangers
Wood Screws
Screw Gun
Nail Gun
Paint or Stain (optional)

If you're planning to build a porch overhang, you'll need to begin with the frame. After you've checked into building codes and permits, following these simple steps will result with a durable and safe porch overhang.

Step 1 - Buy Your Materials

Your sizes are going to vary on this so I will not list them. You need to measure the area where you will be adding the overhang and buy to fit your specific project. Over hangs are recommended to not exceed three feet out. Make sure to purchase weather resistant materials. If you are unsure of how to measure for your overhang framing ask for help at your local hardware store.

Step 2 - Attach Wooden Ledger

Place your ledger directly above the doorway, and right up under and against the roof. Use nails to attach to studs of house.

Step 3 - Attach Joist Hangers

Screw joist hangers to ledger using wood screws. The best screws to get for this job would be construction grade.

Step 4 - Place Rafters

Put rafter in each joist, attach to sides of joist with wood screws. The length of your rafters is up to you. Check the recommended length for your doorway.

Step 5 - Attach Ply Wood To Rafter Studs

Cut ply wood and place over rafters. Ply wood should be even with your rafters on all sides.  Attach ply wood to rafter studs using nails. A nail gun will make this job simpler and faster, so if you have one it is recommended you use it to save on time.

Step 6 - Attaching Posts

Attach both sides of your over hang to posts, angle posts into the house. Attach small wooden block to the house studs, and fasten your posts to the block with nails. If you are making a smaller overhang you may be able to skip the posts and use two by four.

Step 7 - Paint Your Frame (optional)

If you choose to do so now would be a great time to paint your frame work. You could stain it or paint it to match your house. You could also leave it bare and add a high gloss polymer to it. You could add designs or paint designs.

This project is a lot simpler than many people expect. Now you should be looking proudly at your completed overhang framework! Feel proud! You did it! You can add this to your list of things you didn’t have to pay someone to do for you. You can discuss it with your friends and family when they come to visit and stand under your porch overhang staying dry.