How to Frame Arched Double Doors

house construction
  • 12-20 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 600-1,800
What You'll Need
Set of double doors
Pen and paper
Circular saw or jigsaw

Double doors add extra entrance and exit space to any room. They also affect the style of your room. You might look around your home and decide you would like to change the appearance of the entrance of a room, maybe between the living room and dining room. You can easily add a different look and feel to the room by using an arched doorway. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to frame your arched double doors.

Plan Your Space

Take note of the ceiling height. Ceiling heights can vary from about 8 feet to 9 or 10 feet. Your arch size will be limited by the height of your ceiling. You also must note if the wall itself is a load-bearing wall. In order to support the opening, you will need to install a header. Write down the size of the header you will need to support the opening. If the wall is not load-bearing, the header can be much smaller and thinner.

If your home is a two-story home, use 2-by-8-inch headers as a minimum requirement. A 2-by-12-inch header is essential if the width of your opening exceeds 52 inches in width. If the wall is load-bearing, you need a header that is at least 2 by 10 inches.

Purchase the Wood

Take a trip to the local home improvement center and purchase your wood framing. You will need to purchase 2-by-4-inch or 2-by-6-inch lumber (depending on what is used in the framing of your home). You will also need a piece for your header.

Template Your Arch

Press a piece of plywood against the doorway and template your arch. Use 1/2-inch plywood. Put your plywood on a flat surface and design the arch completely. Using the proper measurements and using string to act as a compass, work the string back and forth so you can draw out the line of the arch.

Cut the Arch

Now cut the archway with either a circular saw or a jigsaw. Then your arch is ready for you to hang.

Frame the Arch in the Doorway

You can make the outside of the arch or frame look bigger by nailing a 2-by-4-inch board to the outer side of the arch and maybe a double layer of 3/4-inch plywood cut to the right of the arch opening.

In order to frame the arch, you will need to use support to hold it up. Also, metal strapping would keep it secure. Add trim and casing, if you desire.

Apply Finish to the Arch

Paint the arch or stain it based on the look and feel you want to achieve.

Hang the Doors

Now hang the double doors in place.