How to Frame Small Wall Tapestries

tapestry on a wall
What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Standard frame (large enough to fit tapestry)
Matting materials
Fabric glue or a stapler

Wall tapestries come in all shapes, styles, designs, and colors. These fabric hangings can be an excellent way to modify and enhance the appearance of your home. However, many people are concerned about hanging up wall tapestries on the walls of their rooms, as the fabric in these items is often fragile. Over time, and if there is any interference or exposure, these fabrics can become damaged or destroyed. Therefore, if you're planning on hanging up a small wall tapestry in your home and you're concerned about preserving the beauty of the art for many years to come, consider framing your tapestry.

Step 1 - Measure the Tapestry and Select a Frame

The type of frame that you choose for your tapestry will be dependent first and foremost on the size of the tapestry. Lay your tapestry out flat and find its dimensions using your measuring tape. Next, you'll need to select a frame for the tapestry. The best types of frames come with backing for the tapestry. When choosing a frame, consider the color of the frame material and how it will complement or clash with the colors and design of the tapestry. The frame should be somewhat deeper than a normal picture frame. Frame stores are a great place to shop for tapestry frames.

Step 2 - Prepare the Frame and Mat the Tapestry

Open the frame up and lay the tapestry inside to see how it will fit. This will give you an idea of the size of the matting for the tapestry. Make any adjustments to the matting before you attach the tapestry. When you're satisfied with how the matting looks, lay it out flat and attach the edges of the tapestry to the matting using fabric glue. You can also use a fabric stapler as well, but this requires more secure matting and may leave staple marks. Trim the edges of the matting as necessary to make the outer edges appear clean and professional.

Step 3 - Attach the Matting

Look at the backing of the frame and determine how the matting will be attached. In many cases, the matting will be held in place by the glass of the frame in front of it. If this isn't the case, you may need to glue the matting down or otherwise attach it to the edges of the frame. Once the matting and the tapestry are securely in place, examine the final product before putting the frame glass back on.

Step 4 - Mount the Frame

With the tapestry frame complete, you can now think about mounting it. While some people choose to leave their framed tapestries down, others will hang them up as they would a picture. If you plan to hang your tapestry frame on the wall, make sure that you attach it to a stud so that it's properly supported.