How to Get Great Vintage Style

Say Yes to Art
modern room with art bust and painting

Art is a really great way to add elements of vintage to your home. Even a modern home can benefit from vintage art and vintage frames.

The great thing about the internet is that you have access to tons and tons of inexpensive vintage art that you can digitally download and print on your own.

Vintage art and vintage-inspired art, is prevalent in thrift stores and antique shops too. Because you can access this art in so many places it's easy to find beautiful vintage art & frames at any price point.

Get Thrifty
vintage thrift store decor items

Thrift stores are our first stop when it comes to Affordable vintage items. You may have to dig a little, but you're bound to find a great treasure that works with your home decor style.

More affordable than traditional antique stores, we love thrift stores for things like frames, bases, decorative trinkets, and old baskets and clocks.

Be cautious about the quality, and make sure that you're getting something that's not broken or damaged, but also be aware that treasure awaits around every corner in the thrift store.

Pick a Period
vintage chair and cabinet with record player

Vintage doesn't just mean old. There are tons of different vintage periods of time that you can pick from when decorating your house.

Anything from mid-century to high Victorian is fair game. If there's a particular vintage style that you're drawn to, research it.

What colors did they use in that era? What themes and motifs were common in homes in that era? Being able to answer design questions like this will help you implement true vintage style in your home.

And if you don't have a particular area that you love, mix it all. That's the great thing about vintage. It's a marriage of lots of different styles, periods, and motifs.

Use Color
vintage interior decor design

All white homes are a dead giveaway that you have a very modern style. Vintage homes, no matter the era, use a lot of color.

Now, if you're not comfortable getting colorful quite yet that's okay. Start implementing small amounts of color where you can in the appropriate vintage color scheme.

Vintage homes were dark and moody, vintage homes were sometimes bright and pink, vintage homes of different eras have different color palettes and you can pick and choose which ones you love.

Don't shy away from color, it's a dead giveaway that your home is more modern than vintage.

Find Your Finish
vintage mirror with curly gold frame next to lamp on ornate wallpaper

The finishes you use in your home will help set a vintage tone. Popular vintage finishes include brass, copper, and gold.

Now, you don't have to replace every finish in your home but you should include some traditionally vintage finishes. Vintage finishes were also ornate, just look at this mirror.

If you're partnering vintage with modern in your home, an ornate piece with a gold finish works beautifully with a simple and paired back room.

Vintage finishes were made to be showstoppers.

Say Hello to Heirlooms
antique heirloom design items

We love heirloom pieces because they connect past and present perfectly.

What family heirlooms do you have that you can display in your home?

Even something as simple as an old watch, a framed family photo from 1900, or a handmade quilt bring the perfect vintage touch with a family tie.

If you don't have family heirlooms, the time to start collecting them is now.

Look for high-quality items that are built to last a really long time that you would love to pass down to your own family.