How to Get Latex Paint Off of Wooden Stairs

Latex paints are commonly known as acrylic latex paints are made using a plastic resin. These paints are popular as they dry quickly and the surface is easy to clean using water.

Painting wooden stairs with latex paint is the not the easiest task in the home improvement section. In fact, this can get messy if not done properly. To remove latex paint stains or remove latex paint completely off wooden stairs, follow the steps mentioned below.

Option 1: Scrape the dried paint using a paint scraper. Next, wipe the surface with an old cloth that is dipped in warm sudsy water.

Option 2: Make a mixture of 1 tbsp. oxalic acid and 1-pint water. Rub this on the paint with a cloth. Oxalic acid is noxious and must be contacted only using rubber gloves.

Option 3: Spray trim with 409 cleaner and scruff up using a hard brush. Use a hard brush to reach difficult corners. Clean with a cotton rag. Wet a piece of cloth with paint thinner and wipe the wood staircase. Finally, smooth all rough edges with the help of grit sandpaper. This process must be repeated until all the paint has been removed.  

Whatever method you use, do not forget to wax the staircase when it has dried off completely.