How to Get Moles Out Using Natural Techniques

What You'll Need
Cat litter
Animal trap
Blood meal

Moles can be a pest, responsible for burrowing holes in backyards, gardens and other unwanted locations around the home. They are small furry little mammals, with round and wide beady eyes. They can be found almost anywhere in North America, Asia and Europe. These pesky creatures will damage crops, contaminate soil and invade your freshly tilled pastures . They bury themselves through created tunnels. They disturb and invade root systems of all types of plants, destroying crops and flowers alike. Here are many ways to get rid of your moles without the use of chemicals and without harming the animals.

Step 1 – Repel the Mole

Chasing a mole away is the easiest, least time consuming and best natural remedy for removing the mole from your gardens, lawn and crops. To start, purchase either cat litter or blood meal, a powdered type of non-synthetic fertilizer made from nitrogen. It is often used in gardens and in composting projects. It can be purchased at your local garden center or home improvement store. 

Locate the burrow ends of the mole’s home. Sprinkle a tablespoon of either cat litter or blood meal inside the openings. Add additional cat litter or blood meal round the burrow openings to sufficiently cover a concentric ring around the holes. This will repel the mole and encourage it to move to another place and create a home elsewhere. 

Step 2 – Trap the Mole

If you were unable to successfully repel your mole from your lawn or gardens, you will need to trap it. This will work best during the spring and fall months. Purchase an animal trap large enough for the mole. The trap should keep the mole alive so that you can transport it to another location (such as a forest). Mole traps work great because the mole instinctively wants to reopen a part of a blocked tunnel or burrow.

Place the trap at the entrance of one of the burrows. The trap trigger should be pressing or set next to the burrow. As the mole clears the tunnel, it will push up on the trigger system (including the trigger pan) and release the spring. Once inside the trap, the other side will close, trapping the mole safe and alive. Transport the mole to an open field or a forest.