How to Get Perennial Fence Vines to Have the Most Robust Flower Colors

Perennial vines come in many varieties, such as sweet peas that have beautiful delicate flowers and clematis that will climb fences. Perennial vines are an excellent way of camouflaging garden structures in a way that will blend in with the seasons. The flowering varieties are most effective at this, so you will need to take care of them, making sure they have the nutrients they require. This guide will show you how to make sure your perennial vines have strong vibrant colors and stay looking beautiful.

Sun or Shade?

Like people, different types of vines will have different preferences for sun or shady areas, in fact many varieties can be quite fussy! Where you plant the vine can have a drastic effect on it's flowers. For instance wisteria vines need full sun to produce vibrant flowers that can come in a variety of colors including white, pink, violet and lavender.

Vine Climate

To produce robust flower colors, make sure you pick the right vines for the climate you live in. Jasmine will flower in the spring, in cooler conditions, whereas honeysuckle prefers a warmer climate and will produce the richest color flowers at temperatures above 20C. You don't have to use expensive fertilizers for your perennial vines, just make sure you are planting the perfect variety for you.