How to Get Rid of RV Black Water Tank Odor

What You'll Need
Fish Tank Cleaning Chemicals
Power Wash
Soda Water

If you have just purchased a recreational vehicle, you may find that your RV black water tank can sometimes produce a very unsavory smell which can make the whole of the RV seem very unattractive. There are some ways you can get rid of that smell without having to resort to replacing all of the connections and the RV black water tank itself.

Step 1 - Flush the Tank

The best way to prevent smells from backing up into your RV is to empty your waste tank, and then flush the toilet several times. This will push clean water through the system and flush out the tubes. This will usually help to get rid of the smell. If you want to do a little more than flush the toilet, then you can attach a power washer to some soda water, and use this to spray the inside of the tank. Remember to empty the tank afterward.

Step 2 - Use Chemicals

Another method of cleaning the tank is to place some fish tank chemicals into the water. These will help to keep the levels of unwanted bacteria down, eliminating the smells.