How to Get Rid of a Toilet Bowl Ring

What You'll Need
Toilet Brush
Toilet Cleaner
Lime Remover

A toilet bowl ring can be caused by a number of things, such as lime scale, or from the water sitting too long at one level. Usually, a toilet bowl ring will only be visible when the water line sinks below the mark. Keeping rings away is not too difficult.

Step 1 – Lime Scale

Use simple lime scale remover to help get rid of a toilet bowl ring, if the cause is from hard water. Hard water will build up a scale over time, and cause a hard crusty film to form above the water line in your toilet.

Step 2 - Soft Water

Use bleach to remove general ring grime. Soft water doesn’t usually cause toilet bowl rings, but dirt can accumulate around the top of the water line. Bleach will normally clean and remove such stains, but you may need a firm toilet brush to scrub away stubborn stains.

Step 3 - Dirt

Pour toilet cleaner around the rim of the bowl, and leave to settle for a while. Regular cleaning of your toilet bowl, and a generous amount of bleach, will prevent a toilet bowl ring from building up. Use toilet cleaner at least twice a week, to reduce the chances of a ring occurring.