How to Get Rid of Bats How to Get Rid of Bats

As a handyman living in Michigan, it's not uncommon for me to receive calls from clients complaining about bats in their houses. I frequently get calls about bats living in an attic or chimney, or getting in vents and soffit areas. In some places, bats are considered a protected species, which means it's illegal to exterminate them and you will have to remove the bats from your home without causing any harm to those winged creatures of the night. Here are some ways to rid your home of bat colonies and what you need to do to prevent them from returning.

Remove Bats During Non-Breeding Season

Removing bats during breeding season is not recommended. While the adult bats will be gone, the baby bats will not be able to escape and will therefore die. The best time of the year to eliminate bats and prevent them entering your home is from February to March.

Give the Bats a Place to Go

A wood bat box surrounded by trees.

Before you begin the removal process, you can relocate the bats without using costly measures by constructing a bat box. Giving the bats a place to go can deter them from returning to your home. You can get a bat box from a local wildlife removal service or pest control service. Place the bat box away from your house on or near a tree line. Ensure the bats new home has ample shade.

5 Effective Methods to Remove Bats

1. Exclusion Devices

Trying to trap bats can be difficult and very dangerous. Denying bats entry to the home is better than trying to trap them after the fact. Exclusion devices are known to be one of the most effective ways to remove bats once and for all. Installing one-way exclusion devices will allow bats to leave the space without being able to get back in. This helps the bats vacate the space on their own. Exclusion devices can be purchased at local hardware stores, pet supply stores, and home improvement centers.

2. Lights and Noises

Put a light in an area where you suspect they are inhabiting. Bats love quiet, dark spaces and are disturbed easily by noises and lots of light. Increase the efficacy of this tactic by purchasing a white noise machine and letting it run all night.

3. Aluminum Foil

Hang aluminum foil from the ceiling or at the entry point to their nest. The foil creates chime-like sounds and will reflect light when the area is lit, which will repel the bats and cause disorientation.

4. Mirrors

Mirrors will reflect and disturb bats to the max! Once the lights are turned on and they see their own reflection, they will surely fly away.

5. Christmas Ornaments

Bright, shiny Christmas ornaments work similarly to the aluminum foil. Reflections of shiny light will frighten the bats away. Hang the ornaments in bat entryways and in and around their nests.

Prevent Bats From Re-Entering

After the bats have been removed, close off any openings in the home where they might have a chance of entering. Bats are small, so do not overlook small holes. Inspect all outside vents and ensure they are secured properly. If the bats cannot find a way into your home, chances are they will give up trying and find a new home for themselves.

Cleaning up After Bats Are Gone

Bat droppings have a horrible smell and can cause respiratory infections, so it's imperative that you get rid of any remaining bat guano. Scoop up the guano with a shovel or metal dustpan and place it in a garbage bag. Use an enzyme-based cleaning solution to help break down any remaining biological waste. Thoroughly scrub the area and leave no traces behind.

Inspect Areas Periodically

A chimney sweep cleaning out the inside of a brick chimney.

Chances are good that once you've eliminated the bats, they will stay out. If they do find a way back in, however, you will want to know before the situation gets out of hand again. From time to time, inspect your attic, basement, chimneys, crawlspaces, or anywhere they could inhabit. Search for bat droppings or the bats themselves.

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