How to Get Rid of Bats in Your Barn

What You'll Need
One-way doors
PVC pipe

Learning how to get rid of bats in your barn is necessary to prevent potential encounters between animals or humans and bats, which risks the spread of rabies, parasites or histoplasmosis.

Choose the Right Time

Bats raise their young from May to September, hunting at night and returning with food for the bat pups. If you try to rid your barn of bats in late spring and summer, you risk trapping young bats inside.

Find the Access Points

Watch your barn at dusk for several nights to determine where the bats are entering and leaving. Bats can get through a hole as small as ½ inch across.

Get the Bats Out

Once you have identified the bats' access points, affix one-way doors to each point so bats can leave but not re-enter the barn. On smooth walls, attach screening material to the outside of the wall, leaving the bottom loose for the bats to crawl out. For round holes, insert a length of PVC pipe into the hole so that the pipe is nearly flush with the interior wall and extends several inches to a foot outside.

Keep Bats Out

Leave the one-way doors in place for several days to ensure all the bats are out of the barn. Once all the bats are gone, seal all the access points permanently.

Provide Alternative Roosting for the Bats

Completely bat-proofing all points of entry in a barn might not be possible. Providing more attractive roosting locations outside the barn can keep the bats out the barn. Mount bat boxes to the side of the barn or on high posts near the barn.