How to Get Rid of Black Ants How to Get Rid of Black Ants

Black ants are of two species. The first is the Carpenter Ant and the second is known as the Little Black Ant. Little Black Ant is the one we will be talking about here. They are extremely annoying; a single colony can have more than 2000 ants that are active night and day. They invade every place possible, from homes to offices to yards. In a home their favorite place is the kitchen because they are always looking for food. Following are some basic ways of getting rid of black ants.

Step 1: Keep your House Clean

Start by keeping a squeaky clean house so the black ant will be unable to find food. Don’t leave any dirty dishes in the sink, make sure there are no leftover food crumbs anywhere and after each meal wipe clean the table and mop the floor thoroughly. Make sure you take your trash out regularly and wash all juice bottles so the sweet taste doesn’t attract the greedy ants.

Step 2: Keep All Food Covered

Even if your kitchen is clean, a persistent black ant won’t give up and will continue hunting for food. Store everything edible in air tight containers, preferably plastic jars with snappy lids though aluminum jars will do as well. Food stuffs like flours, cereals, sugar, oils and others should all be in these jars. Go with the premise that anything edible is food for a black ant.

Step 3: Hunt the Ants Down

Look for the ants in an intelligent manner. Don’t start by just killing the ants, look for the source. Where are they coming from? Look for their colonies so you can attack and get rid of them at source. Observe ants inside your home; see where they come from and where they are taking the food. Also hunt down their colonies outside the house so you can work out a concrete plan.

Step 4: Cover All the Cracks

Once you see where the ants are entering your home from, block off their entry points with some caulk. Cover any and every opening and cracks with a caulking gun so that you have your home covered from the present and future ants. Remember when putting electric wires or cable lines, phone lines, plumbing there are bound to be some cracks leftover that will need to be filled to prevent these black ants from using it as an entrance.

Step 5: Clean Up the Outside

Usually ants live outside in their colonies and will visit your home for food. Look for their homes outside where the ants might live; stepping stones, mulch, logs, rocks or anything that looks suspicious enough for an ant colony to be. Trim any bushes tree branches that are helping the ants climb your house.

Step 6: Resorting to Ant Poisons

When all else fails, ant poisons are available everywhere; Look online, in hardware stores or any local Mart store. They are available in baits, poisons and sprays. Ant baits are the most effective of these methods, ant poisons and sprays work well also because they will kill all the black ants if directly sprayed or applied.

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