How to Get Rid of Car Scratches

girl scratching paint on a car

You will need to get rid of car scratches to maintain the look of your car. Whether they’re caused by vehicular mishaps or common car use, scratches can negatively affect the beauty of your car. You can remove the scratches by painting over the scratch yourself.

Step 1 - Clean the Area

Wash the area of the scratch with soap and water. Let it dry. Use sand paper and carefully sand the scratch off. Do this gently so as not to scratch off the second surface of your car. Brush the debris off.

Step 2 - Repaint the Area

Use a touch up paint to cover the area of the scratch. Look at your car’s identification number and use it to identify which paint you should buy from the automotive store. Remember to use the exact shade and color of your car’s original paint. Follow its particular instructions carefully. Using a soft brush, carefully apply the paint on the area of the damage. Do this in one direction to ensure that the paint is fully spread out. Let your work dry overnight.