How to Get Rid of Crows in Your Yard

It can be quite difficult to get rid of crows once they establish a presence in your yard. Protected by federal law, these noisy birds generally can only be hunted in certain areas at certain times of the year, making eliminating them from your yard using natural means the best solution.

Use Aluminum Pie Plates

Crows respond to sounds, so clapping your hands loudly will scare them away, but chances are, they will return. To keep them away, tie several aluminum pie plates to string and hang them in the area that crows populate. The spinning, sparkling and noise will keep them away.

Use Predator Calls or Water

Another easy option is to use a garden hose or a squirt gun to douse them with water. There are also some CDs available that have predator calls on them that are effective in scaring the crows away. If the crows have made a nest in your yard, removing the nest will oftentimes help to get rid of the crow problem.

If your problem is particularly bad, contact your local wildlife technology company or agency. They can generally help to formulate a plan to get rid of any pest nuisance in your yard.