How to Get Rid of Geese in Your Yard

If you are looking for ways to get rid of geese because they have taken up residence in your yard, you are not alone. Geese migrate in large flocks so you typically don’t end up with just one visitor, but many. With so many geese at once, there can be health issues as well as inconveniences. However, the way to resolve the issue must be humane.

Animal Control

One way to try to control the problem of being overrun with geese is to contact the local animal control. Because geese are protected, the animal control will have methods, such as trapping, that will get rid of the geese.

Predatory Decoy

Another way to deter geese from nesting in your yard is to place a decoy within their sight; one that is seen by them as predatory.

Change the Landscape

You can change your landscape for pest control. Geese typically prefer to nest in short grass and by water. Growing long grass or other wild plants will deter the geese from nesting.

Goose Repellent

There are repellants to try. Make sure they contain the ingredient Methyl-anthranilate, which is a non-toxic goose repellent.

You can also try using a herding dog. No matter what you choose to do, if you start in early spring, when there are only one or two geese, it will be easier.