How to Get Rid of Lice in Your Home

Once a member of your family gets lice, you will want to take some precautionary steps to make sure that you get rid of lice in your home. Lice are relatively common in children and once someone brings it home, it is important to take some measures to stop its spread throughout the bedding and furniture in your home.

Getting Rid of Lice in Your Home

First you will want to use your vacuum cleaner to remove any nits that may be lurking on your furniture. Vacuum the couches, rugs, carpet and car seats.

In the bedroom, you will want to wash all sheets and pillowcases, as well as throw any stuffed animals in the dryer on hot for about 30 minutes. An alternative to the dryer is to place any non-washable bedding and stuffed animals in a sealed plastic bag for two weeks to suffocate lice and eggs.

In the bathroom, remove all hair from brushes and disinfect them in a soak of hot water and soap or hot water and head lice shampoo. Wash all towels, washcloths and other items in hot water.

It is not recommended to use lice killing sprays unless there is an extreme infestation, as the sprays are quite toxic. Many experts contend that these measures are unnecessary, as lice need the human body to live, however, these are still commonly used and recommended practices to clean your house after someone comes home with lice.