How to Get Rid of Lizards in the Yard

While lizards are repellent to most people, they actually benefit your yard's ecosystem, controlling insects that can wreak havoc on your flowers, trees and shrubs. However, they are not desirable in the house, so follow these tips to get rid of a high population of lizards in your yard before they get indoors.

Eliminate the Lizards' Food Supply

Check around your house and yard to find out where large populations of insects are dwelling. This is where you will likely find the lizards. Spray these insect havens with a safe bug repellent available over the counter at your hardware store. Treat the area daily with the bug spray until the lizards leave.

Make Your Yard Uncomfortable for Lizards

Two ways to do this are by using an acoustic emitter on a ultra-high frequency, and by spraying the lizards' feeding areas with a solution of Tabasco sauce and water. The sound frequency is painful for lizards, and the Tabasco sauce is repellent to their taste buds. It can also painfully raise their blood pressure.

Catch and Relocate Them

Spray the lizards with very cold water. This will slow their heart rate and muscle response so you can catch them, put them in a truck and relocate them to a nearby wetland or roadside ditch.