How to Get Rid of Mice Fast

Your primary concern should be on how to get rid of mice if you ascertain their presence in your home. Mice and their waste are hazardous for health and can be the cause for many diseases. Mice also damage the wiring in your house and generally bite into anything they can get their teeth into. If you need to get rid of these pests in your home fast, following are some ways to make it possible.

Step 1: Confirm Mice Exist

How do you determine that you have mice in your home? You will find chewed up newspapers and packing material, mice droppings, squealing noises coming from walls or ceilings, and sometimes even mice foot prints. You will find unexplained holes and the scrambling of mice when you open cupboards or kitchen cabinets.

Step 2: Clean Your Home Well

Once you are sure you have mice, you have to determine what is attracting these rodents to your home. One of the most common reasons is food in your kitchen, especially when you leave dishes in the sink over night and food in cardboard boxes. Clear the food from your home or put it in air tight containers so mice cannot get to it. Pet food is another attraction for these rodents. Locate where the mice are entering from and fix that opening. If the hole is small, put steel wool well secured with nails there. so they will be unable to bite through and enter.

Step 3: Locate Their Hiding Place

Keep looking until you find where the mice are hiding in your home. That is no easy task. They will hide and start families inside your home. Keep looking for tell tale signs, like mice droppings and tiny mice footprints. Once you discover where they are hiding, arrange for traps with bait so they are caught and removed.

Step 4: Traps Are a Must

Mouse traps are the best way of getting rid of mice the natural way. Not only are they easily available, they are inexpensive and easy to set up. All they need is bait and pronto, before you know it, they will do their job! There are also electric mouse traps available that will electrocute a mouse in ten seconds on contact. A more humane trap is shaped like a cage where a mouse can get in but will be unable to get out. You will then have to make sure you let them loose away from your house, or else they will simply come back. There are different varieties of traps that are inexpensive, easily available in any home store, and quick to use.

Step 5: Secure Your Yard

Look outside and try to find any place where the mice have made their home. This could be in uncut grass, in old abandoned sheds, or garages. Get rid of the mice by putting up traps and clearing the place. Give the shed and garage a good cleaning and spray with a mouse repellent. Check all the entries to your house to make sure there is no remaining cracks or holes a mouse can use. Finally, seal any loose opening, so all entries are secure and safe from these rodents.