How to Get Rid of Moles, Gophers or Voles

Although they may be beneficial to your yard, moles can get out of hand if allowed to reproduce and populate freely. Learn how to get rid of moles, gophers, voles or other burrowing animals to control unsightly holes and mounds.

Effective Mole Removal Techniques

Moles are cautious animals, and they can be easily deterred if they sense the presence of a predator. Sprinkle barbershop clippings of human hair or used cat litter around your yard in order to create the illusion of an active predator. Moles are also sensitive to certain plants and avoid strongly-scented plants like garlic. Plant garlic or skunk lilies around your garden or yard to discourage moles from entering the area.

In particularly bad cases, consider installing heavy burlap cloth or metal sheeting in your yard to prevent moles from burrowing. If you layer cloth or sheeting at a depth of 3 feet, moles will be unable to burrow. However, you must completely enclose the protected area with sheeting in order to ensure that no moles may enter.

Ineffective Mole Removal Techniques

In addition to being a cruelty concern, a mole trap is not a particularly effective method of capturing or controlling moles. Avoid using mole traps in your yard.