How to Get Rid of Moles Naturally

Know how to naturally get rid of moles to keep your lawn healthy and looking nice. Moles eat earthworms and other grubs that help aerate your lawn and can destructively tunnel holes at the rate of 1 foot a minute. Read on to learn of a few rodent removal methods that actually work.

Locate Active Tunnel

To locate the mole’s active tunnel: step on a few places on each tunnel in your yard and wait for the damage to be repaired. You will then know in what general area your mole is working, and you must decide whether to use a mole trap or a castor oil-based repellent to get rid of your mole.


As with all repellents, you must keep in mind that it could harm both the mole and any other living creature in your yard, including your plants. If you have other pets or small children, keep them away from the area where you are using the repellent.

Mole Traps

Use a live trap to catch your mole. To make sure that other animals do not get caught in the trap, cover it with a large tub as the moles—used to the dark—will not notice it. If there are 2 ends to your mole’s tunnel, you should use 2 live traps on either end to have a better chance at catching the mole. You can purchase live traps at a hunting store.

Moles can be disruptive, but before trying to get rid of them, you should contact your animal control specialists to see if there are any laws regarding how you can handle garden pests. In some cases, professionals might even come remove the mole for you.