How to Get Rid of Roaches Naturally

cockroach on wall
  • 0-1 hours
  • Beginner
  • 30-70
What You'll Need
Baking soda
Diatomaceous earth
Cleaning supplies
Petroleum jelly or talcum powder
Potato or apple peelings

Roaches are hearty insects, so getting rid of them can be a hassle. It’s tempting to call a professional exterminator, who will likely use harsh chemicals to kill them. However, if you’re environmentally conscious, or you’d like to save some money, you should try out these natural methods to get rid of roaches first.

Step 1 – Keep Your House Clean

The cleaner your house, the less chance there is of having cockroaches. Make sure you clean off all plates and pans, and do not leave food out. In addition, wash all of your pet’s dishes daily. If you're worried about using chemicals to clean your home, there are plenty of natural, green cleaning options available.

Step 2 – Consider Having a Gecko

If you’ve ever wanted a pet gecko, and you have roaches, now is the time to buy one. These animals hunt at night and will eat roaches. In addition, they usually sleep during the day, so you won’t see them often. While this method isn’t good for completely eradicating the problem, geckos can help keep your roach population under control.

Before purchasing a gecko, make sure you research their needs and have a real habitat ready for them. Also, know when and how to feed them. They cannot live on roaches alone, and they need time and care like any other pet would.

Step 3 – Try Diatomaceous Earth

Warning: Wear a mask when using diatomaceous earth, as it can harm your lungs. In addition, keep pets and children out of the room while sprinkling it.

Diatomaceous earth can kill roaches. Sprinkle the food-grade kind wherever you’ve seen the pests. The roaches will get this natural substance stuck to their legs and consume it, killing them. Do not, however, use the kind used for pools. This type is toxic to humans and pets.

Step 4 – Set Cockroach Traps

Although cockroach traps alone won’t get rid of all your roaches, they’re effective at lowering the numbers. You can buy one from the store, or you can make your own natural one.

Making a Natural Trap

Put some potato or apple peelings in the bottom of a jar. Then, smear petroleum jelly onto the inside of the neck, going down about 2 inches. The roaches will tumble into the jar, seeking sugar or water, and won’t be able to climb back out. Alternatively, you can also use talcum powder instead of the jelly.

Step 5 – Using Natural Roach Bait

For another homemade roach-killer method, you can sprinkle borax around appliances, cupboards, and baseboards. This substance dehydrates roaches, and they’ll track the powder back to their nest on their legs, killing others.

You can also make a paste of equal parts borax, sugar, and water. Roaches will eat this, and it will have the same effect as described earlier. If you don’t want to use borax, which is classified as an insecticide, consider substituting it for baking soda.