How to Get Rid of Sulfur Smell in a Jacuzzi Tub

  • 2-3 hours
  • Beginner
  • 30-40
What You'll Need
Water-testing Kit
Chlorine or Bromine
Spare filters
Ozone generator

The Jacuzzi tub may well be the greatest luxury item we possess and it certainly has wonderful properties. However, once it starts to smell, it becomes a nightmare. The bad sulfurous odor is caused by bacteria in the water and can only be dealt with by a rigorous program of regular maintenance.

The bacteria cannot be killed by normal cleaning methods. They build up colonies inside the jets from where they can easily reproduce and spread. Just like you, they love warm water! The only way to get rid of them is by chemical means. If you have a Jacuzzi, you need to look after it. But just think—the vision of a sparkling clean hot tub into which you can relax is well worth the effort.

Step 1: Regular Cleaning

The Jacuzzi tub needs to be cleaned regularly to prevent the bacteria levels from rising. Even if you are taking some of the more drastic steps recommended the regular cleaning must not be neglected. If you are worried about using too many chemicals, start with ordinary household vinegar. This is harder work but it is effective and does produce a lovely shine!

Step 2: Test the Water

Test the water in your Jacuzzi tub using a dedicated water testing kit. The exact levels that are required are included in the instructions with the kit. The strips that you use to test your water are the same as the litmus paper you used in science lessons. They will give you an indication, not of the bacteria levels, but of the pH levels—that is, of the acidity in the water. If your water is not sufficiently acid, bacteria will thrive.

Step 3: Adjust the pH Level

Adjust your water by adding either chlorine or bromine until the water reaches the correct level. Pure water has a level of around 7, but your Jacuzzi tub instructions will give you guidance on the correct level for your tub.

Step 4: Clean the Filter

The filter should be removed and cleaned regularly. Take the filter out, scrub it clean and leave it to soak in bleach overnight. Make sure that it is completely dry before it goes back into the Jacuzzi tub.

Step 5: Replace the Filter

The filter should be completely replaced at least once a year—more often if there is a lot of traffic through the tub.

Step 6: Change the Water

It is recommended to have clean water in the tub. You need to change the water at least every three months, probably more often.

Step 7: Ozone Generator

This is really the most fool-proof way of getting rid of the nasty smell. Ozone is a much stronger oxidizer than either bromine or chlorine, it has no unpleasant side-effects and it kills bacteria much more effectively. Add it to your Jacuzzi by replacing part of the tub’s piping with a venturi injector.

With all this care taken, you should again, by now, have a sweet-smelling Jacuzzi tub into which you can sink with a sigh of relief!