How to Get Rid of That Funky Garbage Disposal Smell

What You'll Need
Mild liquid soap
Warm water
Empty spray bottle
Small scrub brush or expendable toothbrush

If a pungent garbage disposal smell has recently begun to permeate throughout your kitchen, you may be curious about how to get rid of it. Fortunately, with a few cleaning tools and a small amount of elbow grease, your garbage disposal can be odor-free in no time.

Step 1 - Prep Your Garbage Disposal

The first step in getting rid of a putrid garbage disposal smell is to make sure the disposal is safely shut off. As an added precaution, you may even want to shut off its power source. This will prevent the disposal from unexpectedly coming on and presenting a major safety hazard while you clean it.

Step 2 - Mix Your Cleaning Solution

Having prepared your disposal, mix a mild brand of liquid soap with warm water inside of an empty spray bottle. Next, close the bottle and shake it until you see suds.

Step 3 - Clean Your Garbage Disposal

With your cleaning solution at the ready, spray a fair amount of it into the disposal, allow it to sit for several minutes, then use a small scrub brush or an expendable toothbrush to give the smelly disposal a thorough scrubbing. Continue scrubbing until you can no longer detect the foul garbage disposal smell. Follow up a by giving the odor-free disposal a good rinsing.