How to Get Rid of Weeds with Vodka

What You'll Need
Spray bottle

Weeds can make your gardening or landscaping tasks very problematic. Managing them can also eat up a lot of your time. Many herbicides on the market can kill weeds, but if you are searching for something a little more earth friendly, vodka is a great way to take care of your weed problem. Vodka is an effective killer of broad-leaf weeds like dandelions, mullein and plantain weeds. When used appropriately, vodka can eliminate the intrusive weeds from your home and have your garden looking in tip-top shape. Here’s how to use vodka to remove weeds from your yard.

Step 1 – Identify the Weeds

Because this type of weed killer is only effective on broad-leaf weeds, you must determine what kind of weeds you have in your yard. Broad-leaf weeds include many common weeds that populate yards. This category includes dandelions, chick weeds, wild onions, mullein and plantain weeds. If your yard contains any of these weeds, you can control them with vodka.

Step 2 – Fill a Squirt Bottle

Use your funnel to pour vodka into a squirt bottle. Your weed growth and yard size will determine how much vodka you need. A pint of vodka can give you a good start on controlling your weed population. Pour the entire contents of a pint into a large squirt bottle and twist the top on to secure it.

Step 3 – Apply Vodka to the Weeds

On an extremely sunny and warm day, go to the area where weeds are growing. Apply a dose of vodka to the entirety of the weed’s body.

For the vodka to work effectively, it must use the sun’s energy to burn the plant. If the weather changes after you apply the vodka, you may need to reapply it later.

If you do not have any vodka on hand, gin will work in the same way. Follow these instructions in the same manner, only replace gin for the vodka in Step 2.

Step 4 – Remove Weeds

Once the weeds have died, walk around your yard. Pick up and pull out all the dead weeds and dispose of them. By getting them out of your yard, you decrease the chances that their seeds will find their way back into the ground and repopulate the weeds in your yard.

Next time you have a weed problem, reach for the vodka instead of a chemical weed killer. Not only is vodka effective, but it is also better for the environment.