How to Get Rid of Whiteflies Quickly

What You'll Need
Parasitic wraps
Horticultural oil
Insect soap
Yellow sticky traps
Insect growth modulator

Whiteflies can prove to be a huge problem in the garden if you have an infestation of them. Their appearance, which is as white as the name implies, makes them very easy to spot. They can do a great deal of damage to plants, as they bring diseases such as sooty mold, in addition to feeding on the plants, which stops their growth. You need to get rid of whiteflies quickly. Do it the natural way, rather than using insecticides.

Step 1 - Infected Areas

There will be some areas that have been infected by whiteflies that you simply can’t treat. Where there’s damage to more than 50 per cent of a leaf, remove the leaf. All the leaves you take off the plant should be burned. Do not put them into your compost bin.

Step 2 - Sticky Traps

You need to lure the whiteflies away from your plants. The simplest way to do this, although it’s only one part of your course of action, is to use sticky yellow traps hung in the new growth.

Whiteflies are particularly attracted to the color yellow, especially when it’s among new growth that seems succulent to them. They stick to the traps and then you can dispose of the traps when they’re full of whiteflies and help save your plants.

Step 3 - Insect Soap

As long as the temperature is below 80 degrees you can use insect soap on the plants. Mix up a solution of insect soap and water and put it in a spray bottle. Spray on the leaves that are affected but not heavily destroyed by the whiteflies. It will help to keep them away and coat the leaves. Be aware that if you try to use insect soap when the weather is too hot it can end up burning the leaves.

Step 4 - Vacuum

Believe it or not, you can vacuum off the whiteflies from the plants. The way to do this is to shake the plant that has whiteflies gently. This will cause the insects to fly off. Vacuum them up before they have chance to settle again. It’s not an ideal solution but done several times it can remove a significant amount of the whitefly population.

Step 5 - Horticultural Oil

By applying a mist of horticultural oil to the foliage of plants in the spring, you smother the eggs that the whiteflies have laid so they never have the chance to develop. You can also use an insect growth modulator that stops the young whiteflies from growing and then reproducing.

Step 6 - Pyrethrins

Pyrethrins, which are made from chrysanthemums, are a natural pesticide. It can be purchased as either a spray or a dust, and when spread on and around the plants will keep the whiteflies away. The best strategy is to employ several of these methods together. By working in concert they will take care of the problem with whiteflies in your garden.