How to Get Scuff Marks off Parquet Floors

What You'll Need
Soft mop, dust mop or clean towels
Vacuum (handheld is fine)
Baking soda
Lighter fluid
Tennis ball
Rubber tennis shoe
Regular white toothpaste
Commercial cleaning products

Parquet floors are made from smaller pieces of wood of various grains. They are often created to look like full wood floors with various patterns, but they are not as costly or difficult to care for. Like any type of flooring, parquet floors can get scuffed from time to time. With a little bit of time and some simple cleaning products, you can refresh the look of your parquet floors.

You may not need all the materials listed.

Step 1 - Pick Up the Dust

Before trying to remove any scuff marks from parquet floors, you should vacuum any debris or topical dust. You can also use a dusting mop or similar device.

Step 2 - Test a Site First

Before using any of the steps below, be sure to test a small area of the flooring beforehand. Check for any signs of an adverse reaction. If you discover any signs, do not continue with the technique.

Step 3 - Try an Eraser

For small black scuff marks, try using a regular pencil eraser, preferably a light color, to remove the mark. Rub the eraser over the mark. Be sure to clean any extra shavings that the eraser leaves behind.

Step 4 - Use a Rubber Sole

For larger scuff marks, use a rubber heel from a tennis shoe to remove the scuff mark. Applying some pressure, rub the heel or sole along the mark. Be sure to use a shoe with white rubber heels or soles.

Step 5 - Apply Baking Soda

You can mix a small amount of baking soda with water to make a paste and apply it on top of the mark. Using a soft cloth, rub the solution onto the mark in circular motions. Use a damp cloth to remove the baking soda solution and then buff the parquet floors.

Step 6 - Use a Squirt of Toothpaste

Squirt a small amount of regular white toothpaste onto a clean cloth or damp sponge. Lightly apply pressure to the scuff with the solution and rub until the mark is gone. Use a clean cloth to remove excess toothpaste and remember to buff the area accordingly.

Step 7 - Use Tennis Ball Magic

A light-colored tennis ball can work wonders on a scuff mark because of its lightly abrasive material. Cut a small portion of the tennis ball and use it like a sponge to remove the mark.

Step 8 - Apply Commercial Products

You can buy commercial cleaning products designed especially to help remove scuff marks from parquet floors. Check with the manufacturer or the installer of your floor before you apply a solution or product you're not sure about.