How to Get Spray Paint Off a Wood Fence

Whether you accidentally spray your wood fence with paint during a project, or are the victim of graffiti, knowing how to remove paint from a wood fence can come in handy. You can either paint the entire fence to cover the offending area, or you can put a little work in to it and return the fence to its natural state.


One option to remove spray paint from a wood fence is to use a sander. If the area is small you can use a simple palm sander. Larger areas will benefit from an orbital sander. You will want to make sure the fence is stable enough for you to apply a good amount of pressure as you sand. 

Paint Remover

There are several brands of eco-friendly paint thinners and removers. These will not damage the fence and not leave toxic fumes in the area. These products may require more work than sanding, but can preserve the texture of the fence if that is important to you. Just follow the directions provided on the product itself.


If having a natural wood fence look isn't important, the easiest method may be to just paint the entire fence. Darker color fences can look stunning with the right landscaping. Be sure you find a paint that is designed specifically for fences, since these will allow the wood to withstand the elements.