How to Get the Look of Custom Shower Doors with Less Cost How to Get the Look of Custom Shower Doors with Less Cost

If you've ever priced custom shower doors you know they are expensive. If you've ever priced them, you know how easy it is to spend $1,500 on a customized shower door, after installation. You could purchase and install the door yourself, but you're still going to pay at least $500 for the door. Fortunately, there are way to customize an existing shower door for a fraction of the cost.

New Handles

Although the handle is a small object, it has a big impact on the overall look of your shower. Taking the old shower handle off is normally as simple as removing a couple of screws. Keep in mind that shower handles sometimes have rubber plating to prevent damage to the glass. Over-tightening of the handle screws may cause damage to the glass. Choosing the handle that best suits your style is as easy as browsing the selection at the local hardware store.


Framing can go either way, depending on the look you are going for. Some choose to add/modify framing and some to remove it. If you have framing and want to remove it to have a frame-less shower door, simply remove the fasteners/adhesive. After you do this, you'll need to do a few things based on the method by which the framing was attached. If an adhesive was used, you'll simply need to remove the adhesive residue with a common adhesive remover. You can find this at your local hardware or craft store. If the frame is attached through the glass, you'll want to weigh your options. Normally, it's cheaper to find a nicer framing, rather than to worry about the holes the framing leaves behind.

Just as with handles, finding the right frame is as simple as going to the local hardware store and browsing, although, you will need to take exact measurements of your shower to ensure the frame you purchase will fit.


This is perhaps the most difficult and expensive option. The reason being if you're not comfortable or experienced at cutting glass, you'll probably want a glass company to do the work for you. Custom shower makers sometimes employ tactics such as adding curving edges or other designs into the glass. To create your own design you'll need a glass cutter and a belt sander or diamond tipped file. While glass cutters are fairly easy to use, you'll need to know how much pressure to apply as too much will damage the glass and too little won't cut it clean. Another tip when using a glass cutter is to use oil to provide a smooth cut. Once the glass is cut you'll need to file or sand it down so that there are no sharp edges. If you have the confidence and knowledge to complete this task, you can really change the look of your shower door.


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