How to Get Wrinkles Out of Canopy Curtains

What You'll Need
Handheld steamer

Wrinkled canopy curtains are neither beautiful nor luxurious. Even the most fabulous curtains can look unattractive when they are wrinkled. This is amplified even further when the curtains surround your bed. Canopy curtains have never been easy to unwrinkle. There were really only two options: send them to the dry cleaner or iron them yourself. If you chose to iron the curtains, even after all of your hard work, they never look quite as nice as if you sent them out to be pressed. That’s because instead of ironing your curtains, the dry cleaner pressed them with steam. Steam has long been touted as the most superior method of releasing wrinkles from fabric. Getting your hands on an industrial steam press may prove to be nearly impossible. However, a handheld garment steamer is easily accessible and will work just as well.

Step 1—Set Up the Steamer

Some steamers come with a fabric guide similar to what would be found on an iron, some don’t. If your steamer has such a guide, check the fabric content of your curtains and set the steamer accordingly. If you don’t know the fabric content of your curtains, set the steamer to the lowest temperature setting to start. According to manufacturer’s instructions, add water to your steamer. For a full head of steam, let the water reach the desired temperature before placing it on your curtains. 

Step 2—Prepare Your Curtains

Spend a few minutes making sure that your canopy curtains are separated and free of any lint or stains. If you notice any stains it is best to spot clean them before you steam with a mild detergent. If any of the curtains are tangled, pull them apart. Make sure that the curtains are evenly spread out on the canopy frame to eliminate as many pleats as possible.

Step 3—Test the Temperature of the Steam

It is especially important to test the steam on a small section of your curtain’s hem. Testing the steam prevents damage to the visible area of your curtains. This step is of the utmost importance if your steamer is new, it doesn’t have a fabric guide, or you don’t know the fabric content of your curtains. Place the head of the steamer along the hem of the curtain and make sure that the temperature of the steam is not too hot for the curtain. If you believe it is too hot, adjust the temperature guide on the steamer. If you don’t have a temperature guide, pull the head of the steamer away from the curtain and try again. 

Step 4—Steam the Curtains

Place the head of the steamer at the top of the curtain. With a slow, steady motion pull the steamer down the face of the curtain. It may help to pull the curtain out away from the bed as you approach the bottom.

Once you have done all of the curtains, you’re done. Your canopy curtains look beautiful once again!